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We will try to find you another offer or Funjet Promo code for your vacation. We may not be able to find discounts in all situations.   Your submission giive The Travel Shop the right, but not the obligation to reply and/or make you an offer.  Your privacy is important to us.  Your email and information will never be shared with a 3rd party without your approval.  

Expired Funjet Promo Codes

*See Funjet Price Match for details.

Funjet Help

Did you miss out on using a Funjet Vacations promo code? Don’t worry, we can help.  We’ll find you another promo code or offer on your vacation.  Not all Funjet deals and promo codes are listed online.  

Funjet promo codes change often and you may qualify for a discount based on your departure city, hotel selection or group.

Funjet has two group programs that can offer you a discount of up to $225 per reservation.  With Groups Your Way, you’re eligible to have your own unique promo code.  You can even earn complimentary hotel nights and extras for staying at a bonus property.  You also get the 21st seat on Funjet Charter/Value flights FREE!

With Funjet’s Price Match Plus, we can also price match other online travel agencies such as Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity.*  Try Beat my Quote.

We explore every option to get you the very best up front price available with Funjet.  




















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Funjet Vacations

Trying to find the right promo code for your vacation can be a challenge.  Every Funjet promo code has restrictions for travel dates, vacation amount, destination, and qualifying resort.  Some Funjet promo codes are only valid for a specific departure city or resort.  

How to use Funjet promo codes

Save $50 on reservations $500 - $999

Save $75 on reservations $1000 - $1499

Save $125 on reservations $1500 - $2499  - Discount level before adding transfers

Save $200 on reservations $2500 - $3999  - Additional savings after adding transfers

Save $300 on reservations $4000+

With Funjet promo codes, you can sometimes get more and pay less!  Below is the typical discount schedule.  The promo code discount is based on the total vacation price including all features, insurance, and taxes.  If your total is close to the upper range on a given discount, you can add features or upgrade your room  to qualify for the next higher discount level.  

For example, if your Funjet vacation total is $2,485, the promo code discount will be $125 bringing your total down to $2,360.  You’d only be $14 short of qualifying for the next discount level of $200.  If you were to add transfers to your reservation for $68, Your new Funjet vacation total would be $2,353.  That’s a savings of  $7 and you were able to get the transfers for FREE!

We’re experts with Funjet Prom Codes.  Let us help you maximize your vacation discount.  

If you use an official Funjet promo code and do not see a discount, it may be because your package does not meet the minimum price requirement.  You may find that by upgrading your room or adding features, you can reach the minimum and get a discount.  

Promo codes may also not work if other criteria for the discount are not met,  Just because it’s not working, that doesn’t always indicate that it’s expired.  We can help you determine if the promo code you are using is valid and how to get the best discount.